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how we work


We use specialist broadcast 3d software to create computer generated images. The software packages used are common place in Hollywood movie special effects and film making. We work closely with our clients to get every exacting detail correct, converting their ideas into photo realistic images. Our typical visualisation workflow is laid out below. However, as each project varies, we are highly flexible and will work in a way that best suits your requirements.


Send in your sketches, photographs, CAD files or drawings.


Advise regarding the use of your final images or animation formats and your time scales involved.


Send in your ideas of all material finishes and scene details – this can be as simple as links to web pages or a simple written list


We will e-mail you a low-resolution first draft; this is when any development modeling and detail changes should be made.


We then send you the photo realistic images in the pre-agreed format.


By using 3D visuals you can reduce project time scales and communicate architectural images, interiors, products, packaging and exhibition design digitally.


We can deliver your project images via secure email, DVD or quality printed artwork. For more information please contact the studio directly. Neil: 07881 525 323 or David: 07801 644 440.

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